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House of Birth and Midwifery

House of Birth

House of Birth is the place where  women come during their maternity experience.

In addition to providing maternity care, House of Birth is a location where several childbirth-related activities meet. Many of our families find a new network of friends through their experiences at House of Birth.

At House of Birth, we like to think we are helping families change the world.

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Midwife means, “with woman.”  You and your baby are the focus.  Before there were physicians, midwives were “with woman” as the primary healers in their communities, the medicine women of their neighborhoods and cultures.  Midwives were the nutritionists, herbalists, doctors, ministers, counselors all rolled into one ‘profession’, assisting women and their families throughout history.

Today, Texas licensed midwives are skilled professionals who assist healthy women during the childbearing cycle from pregnancy through postpartum.  Midwives offer expert, individualized care, education, counseling, and support to women in our care. A skilled midwife cares for each woman and her family, always considering that woman’s individual physical, social, and emotional needs.  When the care required is outside her scope of practice or expertise, the midwife refers her client to other health care providers for consultation or care.

Midwives view pregnancy and birth as healthy, normal events in a healthy woman’s life.  Because midwives feel strongly about a woman’s right and responsibility to make educated decisions to determine her own health care, they facilitate that process through education and support.